This Lakeside Cabin Resort In Idaho Is Full Of Natural Beauty And Endless Amenities

Extending for 19-miles in the Idaho panhandle, Priest Lake sure is a beauty. The lake’s crystal-clear waters are the source of all types of recreation, and hiking trails around the lake’s shoreline provide the perfect vantage point of its brilliant scenery. One day is never enough to take in all that the lake has to offer, so a visit to this lakeside cabin resort is just what you need for a spectacular North Idaho getaway. Cavanaugh’s features luxurious accommodations and endless amenities to make your visit as memorable as can be.

What do you think? Are you interested in spending some time at this lakeside cabin resort in Idaho? You might just never want to leave this lovely waterfront lodge.



Address: Resort at Cavanaugh's, 40 Vacation Ct, Coolin, ID 83821, USA