These 10 Restaurants In Idaho Have The Best Seafood Imaginable

Few people think of humble Idaho when it comes to mindblowingly fresh seafood, but there’s no harm in keeping our secret safe with us, now is there? The alluring tastes, smells, and unique garnishes that make this “coastal” cuisine such an indispensable part of the American culinary scene are just as easy to find here in the Gem State as they are in New England… just without the salty sea breeze blowing sand and dust onto your plate (which is a perk all on its own).

Instead of fighting the seagulls for our entrees, we get to see it reeled in straight off the line from one of our local rivers and fried, steamed, boiled, battered, breaded, or grilled to perfection. And while it could be just me, I’ve always thought that seafood is best experienced in winter, when you can just picture that icy water swirling around a fresh catch and preserving all the delicious flavors… But of course fish isn’t the only thing we offer here when it comes to all things ocean-bound! Unranked and outrageously fresh, the following are 10 of what we consider to be the best restaurants in Idaho to find delicious seafood.

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