10 Abandoned Schools In Idaho That Nature Is Reclaiming

There’s something beautiful and mysterious about the decrepit modern ruins of centuries-old buildings. But there’s also something a little haunting as well when those buildings are the remnants of former schoolhouses – they each have a story to tell and seem to echo with the carefree laughter of generations of schoolchildren. Today, these abandoned schools around Idaho are stunning historical reminders of Idaho’s earliest pioneer days, although they may not remain standing for long.

Do you know anything else about these old school buildings or any others we should check out? Share your historical tidbits!

For more unique pieces of Idaho history, the entirety of this small town in Idaho is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Abandoned Schools in Idaho & Related Info

January 27, 2023

Are there any ghost towns in Idaho?

Rooted in centuries of mining and Native American history, Idaho is home to quite a few gold and silver boomtowns that have been lost to time. Some of these town sites are still considered “living” ghost towns or even “semi ghost towns,” while others have little to nothing remaining. For a taste of true Idaho history, visit some of these unique ghost towns in Idaho:

  • Bayhorse, Idaho
  • Bonanza, Idaho
  • Boulder City, Idaho
  • Burke, Idaho
  • Chesterfield, Idaho
  • Custer, Idaho
  • De Lamar, Idaho
  • Gilmore, Idaho
  • Murray, Idaho
  • Placerville, Idaho
  • Rocky Bar, Idaho
  • Silver City, Idaho
  • Wickahoney, Idaho