Located in an isolated area of the North Kohala Coast on Hawaii’s Big Island is a place so shrouded in darkness that it is advised you only visit during the day, though that might simply be due to the fact that there is no electricity or lights in the area. The Mo’okini Luakini Heiau was one of the first temples to be built on the island, and has an evil history rife with Hawaiian human sacrifice. Read on if your of strong stomach, the details are a little gory. 

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Have you ever visited this evil historical site? Did you sense anything paranormal? For more terrifying places across the Big Island to visit this October, check out this haunted Hawaii Island road trip.

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Hawaiian human sacrifice

Is Mo'okini Kuakini Heiau the only place whose history includes Hawaiian human sacrifice?

Unfortunately not. Found just offshore in Pelekane Bay, are the remnants of an ancient Hawaiian temple — or heiau — called Hale O Kapuni that was created to appease the shark gods. Yes, you indeed read that correctly: sharks were once worshipped as protectors, and this shrine, in particular, was dedicated to the shark god Kauhuhu. Rumor has it that human sacrifices were carried to a heap of stones in the ocean where sharks would devour them. The heiau ruins are said to have been last seen during low tide in the 1950s, but you probably won’t want to go looking for it anyway — sharks still frequent the waters where the temple is believed to be located. Locals consider the area a breeding ground for sharks, mainly black tips and grays. Regardless of whether it's full of sharks or spirits, this is a place we prefer to steer clear from.

What are some other haunted areas of Hawaii?

Sometimes the most beautiful places contain the ugliest secrets. MacKenzie State Recreation Area, a secluded park covering 13 acres on Hawaii Island’s rural southern coast featuring tall ironwood trees, volcanic sea cliffs, and quite a few paranormal encounters. You see, this seemingly lovely park has quite the gruesome past. Portions of the King's Trail wind through the park, and according to the National Park Service, improvements to this ancient coastal trail were made in the mid-1800s by prisoners and those unable to pay their taxes. And the dark history gets even worse — MacKenzie State Park has also been the site of several gruesome murders, beatings, and more, including a gruesome death of an engaged couple who were camping in the park in 1980 and beaten to death. Park guests have been awakened by nightmarish screams, have heard cries and whispers inside the park's many collapsed lava tubes, and have even experienced sleeping bags being suddenly unzipped. You can read more about this haunted place in Hawaii here...

What are the other Hawaiian temples?

The Mo’okini Luakini Heiau may be the creepiest of the Hawaiian temples with the darkest and bloodiest past, but it’s certainly not the only one. There are many other temples spread across the islands.

  • Laie Hawaii Temple
  • The Byodo-In Temple
  • Shiva Temple
  • Kauai's Hindu Monastery
  • Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, Cemetery
  • Mu-Ryang-Sa Korean Buddhist Temple
  • San Marga Iraivan Temple
  • Wat Thai of Hawaii
  • Daijingu Temple of Hawaii
  • Kuan Yin Temple
  • Kona Hawaii Temple
  • Kohala Hongwanji Mission
  • Koloa Jodo Mission
  • Shingon Mission of Hawaii
  • Lāhainā Jodo Mission
  • Hāwī Jodo Mission
  • Haleiwa Jodo Mission
  • Wahiawā Hongwanji Mission
  • Haleiwa Shingon Mission

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