You Can’t Deny The Beauty Of This Secret Forest Trail That Leads To One Of Hawaii’s Prettiest Bays

In addition to our world-famous beaches, the Hawaiian Islands are home to countless incredible trails and hikes. In fact, if we could only choose two activities to do for the rest of our days, it would be hanging out in the waters off the coast of Hawaii and exploring the miles and miles that criss-cross our islands. And today, we’re doing both. Not only is this bay one of the prettiest in the entire state but it’s only accessible via a magical forest trail sure to enchant you. Adventure awaits along the magnificent and magical Honolua Bay Access Trail

The Honolua Bay Access Trail is located near Mile Marker No. 32 on Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, HI, 96761. So tell us, have you hiked this trail before, or plan to? Have you ever witnessed this beautiful slice of paradise for yourself? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Address: Honolua Bay Access Trail, Hawaii 96761, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Honolua Bay Access Trail

August 09, 2022

What are some other magical and enchanting places in Hawaii?

Enchanting places abound in Hawaii, whether it’s a wondrous waterfall or verdant hiking trail. Or, as with the following magical destination, both! Located along the northeastern Hamakua Coast, Akaka Falls State Park is home to two gorgeous waterfalls fed by the Kolekole Stream: Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls. At more than 400 feet in height, Akaka Falls is perhaps the most famous waterfall on Hawaii Island – and for good reason. Cascading 442 feet into a lush, tropical jungle is Hawaii’s greatest and most wondrous waterfall. Located on the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast is Akaka Falls, a place of pure paradise flowing from the Kolekole Stream. To view the falls, visitors take a half-hour paved trail leading through a jungle of banana plants, towering bamboo groves, and lush orchids.

Are there any other fairy tale forests to explore in Hawaii?

There sure are! In addition to some lush and lovely jungles on the islands, the hidden Bamboo Forest is a place unlike any other on the planet. To access this wonder, you’ll head to the island of Maui and venture into the magical Haleakala National Park. Aptly named, the Bamboo Forest offers gorgeous greenery, plenty of bamboo, and just a touch of magic, which you’ll discover along the Pipiwai Trail. Along this gorgeous two-mile trek, hikers can expect to encounter scenic cascades, a gorgeous waterfall, and the most unusual attraction of all, a seemingly endless bamboo forest. Quickly after, the landscape gives way to a world of bamboo. Enter the forest and you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled to an entirely new landscape that feels like something straight out of a fairy tale! Looking for more dashingly divine and beautiful places in Hawaii? Here’s a good place to start!

Address: Honolua Bay Access Trail, Hawaii 96761, USA