You could spend a lifetime hiking the many trails on Hawaii’s islands, but here’s a hike that might give you more than you bargain for. The Kaniakapupu Ruins are supposedly haunted and carry so much history. And some even say that you may come across paranormal activity at this abandoned mansion in Hawaii.

Editor’s Note: There are currently only two ways to legally enter this sacred place: applying for a permit from the Oʻahu office of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife or volunteering with a caretaking group. Kaniakapūpū is closed to the public and entry without a permit is illegal. You can also tour the ruins virtually here.

Have you ever witnessed anything strange at the Kaniakapupu Ruins? Have you ever visited this abandoned mansion in Hawaii? Tell us about it in the comments!

Hawaii’s abandoned places are so interesting, and many are considered haunted. Here’s an abandoned school that rumored to have paranormal activity.

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Abandoned Mansion In Hawaii

Are there many abandoned ruins in Hawaii?

There are many abandoned ruins in Hawaii. There are dozens of well known ones, but it would be easy to say that there are hundreds more that the rainforest have claimed, that many don’t know about. If you come across abandoned ruins on your explorations of the island, be respectful and leave everything how you found it. You never know what the history of the area may hold, and it’s important to save it for the next generation.

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