14 Truly Terrifying Ghost Stories That Prove Honolulu Is The Most Haunted City In Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have a unique history full of royalty, warriors and culture. And with that distinct history comes our own fair share of ghost stories. In addition to being home to more than a quarter of Hawaii’s population, the capital city is also home to many ghosts who have chosen to take up permanent residence in the afterlife. From haunted hotels in Hawaii to spooky hiking trails and creepy roads, these 14 places undeniably prove that Honolulu is the most haunted city in the state of Hawaii.

How many of these haunted places in Hawaii have you visited? Did you experience anything paranormal on your visits? You might also love checking out this epic road trip to the most abandoned places on Oahu.

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Honolulu Ghost Stories

July 26, 2022

What are some legitimately scary haunted places in Hawaii?  

We might be living in stunning paradise, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any notoriously haunted places in Hawaii. In fact, Hawaii might be one of the most haunted states thanks to its fascinating legends, eerie folklore, and more. There are plenty of haunted places in Hawaii worth visiting if you’re brave enough, like the MacKenzie State Recreation Area. Sure, it’s beautiful – but it’s as beautiful as it is terrifying! Legend has it that the park is haunted, thanks in part to a blood-filled history both long past and fairly recent. In 1980, a young, newly engaged couple was camping in the park and mysteriously met a bloody end when they were beaten to death. Other spirits said to roam the area are native folks, as well as some traditional Hawaiian spirits. Camp there... if you dare.  

What are some classic Hawaii scary stories to tell in the dark?  

Hawaiian lore and legends are filled with all sorts of scary places and things that go bump in the night. Some of our favorite Hawaii scary stories include the legend of the Night Marchers, said to be the restless spirits of long-deceased Hawaiian warriors. You’ll know it’s them when you hear the infamous pounding of their drums; there are even areas well known for Night Marcher sightings that locals quite literally avoid. Some of those hotspots include Kualoa Ranch, on Oahu, the Kamehameha Schools campus in Kapalama, also on Oahu, and Oahu's Pali Highway is avoided at night thanks to many car accidents said to have been caused by the Marchers.  

What are some of the spookiest Hawaii urban legends?  

We’re pretty sure the Night Marchers are among the creepiest Hawaii urban legends of them all, but there are more, too. Other favorite urban legends of Hawaii we can’t get enough of include stories like those of the Green Lady, a female spirit said to be searching for her lost children to this day. You’ll know her when she appears to you as an elderly woman wandering around the Wahiawa Gulch covered in moss and green mold. She’s also commonly spotted at or near the Wahiawa Botanical Garden on Oahu. Oh, and legend has it that if you remove a Hawaiian lava rock from the islands, you will have terrible luck until the rock is returned. Yikes.