It’s Bizarre To Think That Georgia Is Home To The World’s Largest Collection Of Ticks, But It’s True

Even among people that love animals, ticks are a pretty universally-hated creature. These little arachnids are near the top of most people’s lists of creepy-crawlies that they don’t want to be anywhere near. They’re among the most disliked of all animals in Georgia. These parasites live off the blood of mammals (including humans), birds, and even reptiles. Though undeniably disgusting, they’re also pretty fascinating. Surprisingly enough, we actually have the world’s largest collection of ticks in Georgia. Georgia Southern University in Statesboro is the permanent home of this collection that absolutely dwarfs every other curated collection of ticks on the planet. Pretty weird, huh?

For more information about the U.S. National Tick Collection, check out the Georgia Southern University website.

Address: Georgia Southern University, 1332 Southern Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458, USA

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