The Winter Horseback Riding Trail At Adventure Trail Rides In Georgia Is Pure Magic

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, this location for horseback riding in Georgia and since closed. For another adventure on horseback, check out Gold City Corral.

While other states may shut down for the winter, there are certain parts of Georgia that thrive. For example, winter hiking at its finest can be found right here: 8 Picturesque Trails In Georgia That Are Perfect For Winter Hiking. But there is one specific winter adventure that we think may just top it all. Bundle up and get your saddle ready, it’s time for the most beautiful trail ride you’ve ever experienced. If you’re never tackled winter horseback riding in Georgia before, this season should be the one you try!

Editor’s Note: Adventure Trail Rides of Cashes Valley is permanently closed.

If you want to make plans to reserve a winter trail ride with Adventure Trail Rides, then head to their website here. Have you ever tried winter horseback riding in Georgia before? Share with us your favorite spots in the comments section! Or if you have any other fun winter activities to check out in Georgia, make sure to send them our way!

Address: Cashes Valley, Georgia 30540, USA
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Winter Horseback Riding In Georgia

January 12, 2020

What else is there to do in winter in Georgia?

You might not think of spending the winter in Georgia and finding a bevy of things to do, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just because winter rolls around doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things to do. Any winter outdoor activity in Georgia you come across, whether it be tackling the winter park known as Snow Mountain or checking out the best frozen waterfalls, we guarantee the whole family will have a blast. Georgia seemingly comes alive with new adventures any time the weather gets cold, so all you need to do is bundle up and have a blast.

Are there other places to go horseback riding in Georgia?

Horseback riding options aren’t solely meant for winter adventures in Georgia. In fact, there are plenty of places to go horseback riding in the state outside of the winter months. You can choose to horseback ride along the beaches of Tybee Island or through the North Georgia mountains, each option will be equally memorable. Check out Fort Mountain Stables for a moonlit horseback ride, or take a horseback tour through the Georgia countryside! 

What are the best outdoor winter adventures in Georgia?

Just because it gets cold outside and maybe there is some snow on the ground doesn’t mean that all the outdoor exploration in Georgia needs to pause. In fact, there are plenty of outdoor adventures in Georgia that are winter-specific. For those who want to get in some quality ice skating check out Atlantic Station which opens again rink every year. Or you can lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails for this one winter hike in Georgia that’ll blow you away.

Address: Cashes Valley, Georgia 30540, USA