The History Of This Abandoned Florida Beach Is Bizarre But True

Located a few miles east of Key West, next door to the Naval Air Station base, lies the remnants of the Florida Keys’ only legally sanctioned nude beach.

Telephone poles line the coast, where parts of the road have been washed away by hurricanes and never replaced. Geiger Beach on Boca Chica Key, sometimes called Boca Chica Beach, has become a sort of secret spot curious locals come to explore or relax. The marriage of the wild, natural beauty and the subtle manmade touches have created an interesting post-apocalyptic yet almost cheery sort of landscape. There’s a shoe wall for “lost soles,” remnants of refugee boats, and an impressively large and complex driftwood lean-to. It was rumored to have been made by a local drifter who was sadly not allowed to stay.

These days, folks come to enjoy the remote beach for these strange attractions, the wildlife, and occasionally, to stroll or recline on the beach naked. Sure this place is a little strange, but somehow it feels at home in our weird and wonderful Florida Keys.

Have you ever visited this unique spot? Are there any other strange or abandoned places in Florida you’ve explored or would like to explore? Please share them with us!