Delaware Has A Lost Town Most People Don’t Know About

Delaware’s history is long and storied, and much of it gets passed over in our history classes. With so much to cover, it’s easy to see why most people don’t hear about major events in Delaware history until they do some digging on their own. A perfect example is below! While most of us remember the destruction from the Ash Wednesday Storm, a vast majority of Delawareans may have no idea that the tiny community of Woodland Beach was once a major resort town, before two turn of the century storms took their toll.

Have you ever heard the tale of Woodland Beach before? Maybe family members recounted their days relaxing on the sand before the boardwalk was splintered and swept away.

Of course, these two storms are not the most famous to destroy the Delaware coastline. Sadly, that honor still belongs to the Terrifying, Deadly Storm Struck That Delaware In 1962… When No One Saw It Coming.