This Lakeside Park In Delaware Is So Hidden You’ll Probably Have It All To Yourself

We know that the First State is small, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden gems in Delaware… they’re practically hiding around every corner! Even our most-visited town has quite a few secrets up its sleeve. You might think all the parks at Rehoboth Beach are crowded with people since it’s such a popular tourist destination. But if you’ve never visited the park at Lake Gerar, you’re truly in for a treat! Just keep it on the down low so that we can all have this private oasis for years to come.

You’ll find Lake Gerar just behind the Henlopen Hotel, on the aptly-named Lake Drive.

This is one spot you’ll definitely want to keep in mind during the tourist season. There’s no reason to be swarmed with people when you can enjoy beautiful weather in a quiet little lakeside park in Delaware!

Address: Lake Gerar, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, USA
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Peaceful Places In Delaware

July 21, 2022

What are some more of the best parks in Delaware?

There’s no shortage of great parks in Delaware. Many are surprised to learn that despite our small size, we have 17 state parks within our borders. All of these are gorgeous places with tons of history and natural beauty. One of our very favorites is Brandywine Creek State Park, which has 14 miles of trail, an old-growth forest, and lovely historic stone walls that make for picture-perfect scenery. There are so many opportunities for fun here, whether you’re looking to hike, fish, or attend a class or informative lecture.

What are some of the most peaceful places in Delaware?

One of the most peaceful places in Delaware just so happens to also be one of the most beautiful. Winterthur‘s mansion and 1,000-acre preserve offers plenty of room to spread out. The manicured gardens are incredible and the perfect spot to relax in tranquil thought. Taking a walk in nature lowers your stress like nothing else!

What are some of the best hikes near me in Delaware?

Oftentimes, it feels like the hikes with the best views are ones that are difficult and will take all day. You’ll find that isn’t the case in the First State! There are plenty of easy hikes in Delaware that are suitable for the whole family while still offering stupendous scenery.

Address: Lake Gerar, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, USA