These 12 Restaurants In Delaware Have The Best Seafood EVER

Delaware is a seafood state – even though Maryland gets all the credit for its Old Bay and crab cakes, true Delmarvans know that there are plenty of places in Delaware that top even the Maryland crab houses and oyster bars, and we know that the best seafood in Delaware can hold its own against the best seafood anywhere. It’s no secret that Delaware Bay oysters are some of the best in the world! With so much of the state bordering the Delaware bay, and the Chesapeake just on the other side of the state, it’s no surprise that Delaware is a great place to find some amazing seafood restaurants.

Before continuing onto our list, please keep in mind that this is in no way an exhaustive collection of seafood spots in Delaware. We know there are so many local gems – we’ve featured some of them in our Delaware hole in the wall articles here and here. We also know that the best crab cake in Delaware is a hotly debated topic, and we’ve voiced our opinions in an article on that subject, as well. This list was meant to be a great resource for anyone looking for a seafood experience that is going to be one of the best they’ve had – and we tried to include some from all corners of the state. Let us know which ones you’ve tried, and which ones you’re going to add to your list, so you can try the best seafood in Delaware this summer!

Mmm… now I’m hungry! What’s your favorite seafood dish?