The Massive Burritos At This Connecticut Restaurant Will Satisfy All Your Cravings

Nothing satisfies a Mexican food craving like a well-crafted burrito. In Connecticut, we have plenty of delicious eateries that dish out excellent tacos and tamales, but when it comes to burritos there is definitely one spot that you don’t want to miss. Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk creates massive burritos that are so big you can barely wrap your hands around them. It’s no exaggeration, the burritos are enormous and you may not be able to finish it in one sitting but your taste buds will love you for trying.

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Have you ever tried to devour one of the massive burritos at Rincon Taqueria? Do you have a friend that could finish one off in a heartbeat? This Mexican spot isn’t the only place in Connecticut with over-sized portions. Check out this unassuming diner with hotdogs so big they barely fit on the table.