Hike Into The Clouds On The Mount Prospect And Raccoon Hill Trail In Connecticut

Do you ever dream of ascending a staircase into the sky where you can just disappear into the clouds and not have to worry about life? You aren’t able to do that in the Nutmeg State in a literal sense, but we’ve got a great trail in Connecticut that will allow you to ascend up seemingly into the sky. The Mount Prospect and Raccoon Hill Trail in the Litchfield Hills will get you up above your surroundings into a peaceful little haven where you’re enveloped by trees and the clear blue sky.

The Prospect Mountain Preserve is such a remarkably stunning area of the Litchfield Hills. You can find a trail map of this area and the surrounding hills from the Litchfield Land Trust.

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Address: Prospect Mountain Preserve, 223 Cathole Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759, USA