One Of The Most Remote Trails In Connecticut Is Also The Most Peaceful

Some states have vast quantities of uninhabited land. That’s not true of Connecticut. We’re among the smallest states, but we’re also one of the most densely-populated. It can be tough to find a place that’s not overrun with people, especially during popular travel seasons. If you feel like you need to get away to somewhere remote in Connecticut, there are few places better than the Iron Trail near Canaan Mountain. This lovely trail will get you deep into the woods in a peacefully secluded area that’s unlike anywhere else in the state. There aren’t very many places you can find here that are this remote and tranquil!

The Iron Trail is located in the Housatonic State Forest, near the Canaan Mountain Natural Area Preserve. The Connecticut Forest and Park Association has information on where to locate the trailheads.

Address: Canaan Mountain, Canaan, CT 06031, USA