The Creepiest Hike In Connecticut Takes You Through The Ruins Of A Deserted Village

Scenic trails in Connecticut are great. There’s nothing like the joy of exploring Nutmeg State wilderness. Stumbling upon a hidden waterfall or beautiful fall foliage is an experience like no other. But if you start to feel like you’re getting bored of traditionally beautiful scenery, there are some unique hikes in Connecticut that can provide you with other kinds of thrills. One particularly creepy trail in Connecticut is at Gay City State Park in Hebron. This spooky park contains the remnants of an abandoned village. A hike here will show you all the natural beauty of the state, but you’ll also get to see gravestones and old ruins from the days when these woods contained a thriving town.

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Address: Gay City State Park, 386 North St, Hebron, CT 06248, USA