Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost Town Hiding In Colorado

It is no secret that Colorado is home to a number of different ghost towns (more than 1,500 to be exact). Most of these towns — which were primarily homesteads for miners and/or railroad workers — can still be visited today, except for this one unique and historic town that is submerged in water:

Founded in 1861, the town of Montgomery was like so many up-and-coming Colorado communities that were driven by the hope of wealth and prosperity via the Gold Rush. During its height, Montgomery boasted not only 150 cabins and numerous residents, but amenities such as hotels, and a large saloon and dance hall. Sadly, like so many other towns during its time, the nearby mines ran dry and the community folded. Several decades later, Montgomery was purchased by the City of Colorado Springs, who would then construct the (still standing) Montgomery Reservoir, which flooded over the former mining town. All that remains today of the once booming Montgomery is one of its five sawmills (seen in the above photos).

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