You likely won’t be surprised to hear that Colorado is home to a lot of haunted locations: old haunted homes, hotels, roads, bridges, tunnels, ghost towns, etc. Today, we’re here to tell you all about some creepy cemeteries in Colorado. These places are full of reverence, history, and — most likely — some paranormal activity. So buckle up for a crazy ride, because you’re about to learn about 7 creepy cemeteries in Colorado that are sure to give you goosebumps.

Have you visited any of these creepy cemeteries in Colorado? If so, be sure to tell us all about your experiences — paranormal or otherwise!

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creepy cemeteries in Colorado

What are the most haunted places in Colorado?

Colorado and history go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it's a bit unsurprising that there's loads of paranormal activity here in the Centennial State. Beyond the graveyards that we mentioned in the above article, there are countless other haunted attractions to explore. If you're seeking out the most haunted places in Colorado, there are a few that belong at the top of your itinerary (that is...if you're feeling especially brave!). These places include the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood, Hotel Jerome in Aspen, the Highlands Ranch Mansion, and the Molly Brown House.

Are there any haunted hikes in Colorado?

Colorado is famous for its plethora of beautiful hiking trails. Yet you may not have known that Colorado is also home to some seriously haunted treks. At the top of the list is the Helen Hunt Falls Trail. This 0.1-mile trail is short yet packs in plenty of scenery along the way. Plus, you might even encounter something other than beautiful views and wildlife. For hikers that venture there at night, it's possible to hear strange and disembodied voices. Many believe these voices belong to those who died while hiking in the area.

Are there any ghost towns in Colorado?

If you're looking for ghost towns, you won't be disappointed by the options in Colorado. In fact, Colorado is one of the top states with abandoned ghost towns you can still explore today. Some of the most famous ghost towns in Colorado include Independence, St. Elmo, Tin Cup, Vicksburg, Winfield, Carson, Capital City, Animas Forks, Ashcroft, Teller City, Tomboy, Goldfield, Ohio City, Uptop, Dearfield, Alta, Nevadaville, Mayflower Gulch, and Boston Mine. In fact, we've ever mapped out a custom road trip that will take you to some of the most abandoned ghost towns in Colorado.

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