The Best Buttermilk Pie In The World Is Located At This Arkansas Farm Market

Not all farms in Arkansas are created equal – and that’s something you’ll quickly learn when visiting Dogwood Hills Guest Farm. A real-working farm, it is home to plenty of space and lots of animals. That’s not all, though. It also boasts a charming market that just so happens to whip up some of the best pie in Arkansas.

So, did you know about Dogwood Hills Guest Farm? Ever visited? Did you try the buttermilk pie? If so, how was it? Tell us!

The buttermilk pie at Dogwood Hills Guest Farm is just one contender for the title of the best dessert in Arkansas. There are quite a few other spots with top-ranked sweets, including this small town in Arkansas with world-famous pie.

Address: Dogwood Hills Guest Farm, 544 Cozahome Rd, Harriet, AR 72639, USA