Arizona’s vast landscape is undeniably beautiful, but it sometimes comes at a hefty price. Exploring the rugged, boundless terrain of the desert Southwest can be quite risky – in fact, per our friends at Outforia, our very own Grand Canyon National Park is the most dangerous national park in the U.S. Here’s why – and some of the reasons might surprise you. It’s so much riskier than just falls – check it out! Which dangers of the Grand Canyon worry you the most? Let us know.

If you’re planning a visit to this incredible national park, there’s no better time to visit than during National Park Week. Learn all about this celebration of America’s great outdoors — including fee-free days throughout the year!

What do you think about the Grand Canyon being named the most dangerous national park in the country? Were you aware of all the inherent dangers of the Grand Canyon? Planning on going anyway? Let us know in the comments section, and check out our facts about the Grand Canyon for some more lighthearted information about Arizona’s most iconic natural wonder. It’s not all that bad, we promise – we just want you to be safe!

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Dangers of the Grand Canyon

  1. Is the Grand Canyon dangerous?  

Like just about anywhere, the Grand Canyon can most certainly be dangerous if folks aren’t careful and/or act foolishly. The Grand Canyon claims about 11 lives per year, with more than 900 known deaths having occurred here.  

2. What are some of the major dangers of the Grand Canyon? 

So, what makes the Grand Canyon so dangerous? Numerous things, like:  

  • Extreme heat in the summer 
  • Extreme cold in the winter 
  • Helicopter and/or plane crashes 


3. What are some other dangerous places in Arizona? 

Of course, the list of dangerous places in Arizona certainly doesn’t begin nor end with the Grand Canyon alone. Other dangerous places in Arizona are places like:  

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