One Of The Most Treacherous Hikes In America Is Right Here In Arizona

Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful trails you’ll find in the country, filled with unforgettable views and leading to places that one could otherwise only dream of. While there are plenty of short adventures within our state that will provide you with out-of-this-world sights, there’s one treacherous trail at Grand Canyon National Park that everyone should attempt to try at least once despite the danger. It’s one of the most dangerous hikes in Arizona – okay, THE most dangerous – but it’s worth every effort made to conquer.

Have you ever dared to take this strenuous trail? Do you agree that it’s one of the best hikes in Arizona? It’s hard to pick just one hike within Arizona to call your favorite, but make sure you certainly don’t leave this Unrivaled Canyon Hike That Everyone Should Take At Least Once off of your bucket list!

Address: Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, USA
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Best Hikes in Arizona

February 28, 2022

What are some of the hardest, most dangerous hikes in Arizona?  

With more than 3,000 trails to choose from in the Copper State, many of them are sure to be pretty difficult and thus quite dangerous if someone attempting them doesn’t quite have the skills just yet. These hikes are best suited for experienced, well-trekked hikers, and it’s a lot of fun to set goals for conquering these tougher hikes and achieving them by hiking plenty of smaller, easier hikes to get better at it. Some of the hardest – but most rewarding – hikes in the state include the incredible Cathedral Rock Trail, in Sedona, which is just 1.2 miles long but highly technical. This trail is suitable for folks who are good at scrambling and climbing smoothed-over rock faces and navigating through and around crowds trying the trail for the first time. In the Phoenix area is the Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon Trail, which is two and a half miles of difficult rock climbing in exchange for absolutely amazing citywide views at the top. The single most dangerous hike in Arizona is the Bright Angel Trail, which is in the Grand Canyon and is infamous for its difficulty.  

What are some kid-friendly hikes around Arizona?  

So, you know which trails are the hardest now, but what about trails that even the little ones can do? Luckily, there are many of those in beautiful Arizona. For this specific purpose, we’ll define a kid-friendly hike as one that’s both easy and under two miles long. Some of our favorites include the world-famous Horseshoe Bend Trail, which leads to an iconic Arizona landmark and is just a mile and a half long, so most children are able to do it. While in northern Arizona be sure to also look at the Sugarloaf Loop Trail, which is 1.9 miles long and features some amazing red rock views. In the Phoenix metro you can do the Hole in the Rock Trail, located at Papago Park, and then when you’re finished you can check out the nearby Phoenix Zoo. 


Address: Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, USA