8 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Mansion Hiding In Arizona

Abandoned places aren’t out of the ordinary here in Arizona. In fact, coming across a ghost town, an abandoned mine, or other hints of has-been human life are pretty common, even in the most remote areas. Today, we’re going to look at one abandoned place in western Arizona in particular that was once rich and lively: the Gold King Mansion.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Gold King Mansion is in the Hualapai Mountains southeast of Kingman. Directions coming from the city can be found at this link. You can also find additional information about visiting the mansion by contacting the Bureau of Land Management’s Kingman office.

When visiting, don’t forget to follow the “leave no trace” principles: leave whatever you find, and always take your trash with you.

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Address: Mohave County, AZ 86413, USA
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Abandoned Mansion in Western Arizona

April 04, 2021

Where is the Gold King Mansion in Arizona?

The Gold King Mansion is a huge, once-was luxury home currently decaying away in Mohave County, Arizona. The nearest town to the mansion is Kingman, Arizona, which is only a brief drive away from the Nevada border. The Gold King Corporation built it in 1929 to house and entertain wealthy investors and supervisors working in the mines. The mansion was deserted following the stock market crash in October of that same year, and to this day, its derelict halls are truly intriguing to explore.

How many ghost towns are in Arizona?

The Copper State is the proud home of over 300 ghost towns, as once upon a time, Arizona was the place to be if you wanted a career in mining. Some notably famous ones include the now-artist-town of Jerome, in north-central Arizona, Oatman, in north-western Arizona (where wild burros roam the streets and give no cares at all about tourists), and Tombstone, in southern Arizona, which was – and technically still is – the home of the original O.K. Corral, aka the stuff of old western legends. Some of Arizona’s ghost towns technically no longer exist at all, as there are no buildings or markers to discern what used to be from what now is. For more of our picks of Arizona ghost towns you need to visit ASAP, check this list out.

What are some interesting abandoned places in Arizona?

Oh, goodness, where to begin! Arizona is a hotspot for urban explorers and simple admirers of derelict and crumbling buildings. For example, the Gold King Mansion, in Mohave County, is the remains of a mining-town mansion that operated briefly in the late 1920s. There are hundreds of homesteads and private properties that have been left to the elements, including some more modern homes in many places. Some ghost towns are literally nothing but old and abandoned, decaying buildings that serve as relics to a time long past. The Domes in Casa Grande (central Arizona) are also a legendary spot for urban explorers, as the ever-changing graffiti and the crumbling structures combine to create an interesting, almost post-apocalyptic feel.

Address: Mohave County, AZ 86413, USA