Hike Past Old Alaska Mining Camps To Visit These Two Beautiful Alpine Lakes

Getting out and exploring the Chugach National Forest is an amazing treat. And if you’re looking for a great trail to one of the best alpine lakes in Alaska, check out the Palmer Creek Lakes Trail in Hope. The trail will take you past the remnants of old Alaska mining camps and all the way to two beautifully blue, crystal clear alpine lakes. This is a hike the whole family will love.

After your hike, grab the best meal in town. It’s no surprise that folks are willing to go well out of their way for the food at Creekbend Cafe in Hope: it’s delicious!

Have you ever hiked the Palmer Creek Lakes Trail? Or do you have any other Alaska lake trails you enjoy? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Address: Palmer Creek Rd, Hope, AK 99605, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Best Lakes In Alaska

July 03, 2022

What are some more of the best lakes in Alaska?

We have some great alpine lakes in Alaska that are absolutely pristine. Have you ever visited Crater Lake? It’s one of the most difficult and dangerous lakes in Alaska to reach, but it’s also incredibly gorgeous. Eagle Lake is easier to reach and it’s just as beautiful, so maybe opt for checking it out if you’re not up for the danger level of Crater Lake.

What are some of the best parks in Alaska?

We’ve got no shortage of great parks in Alaska, from our wonderful national parks like Denali to our beautiful state parks. One of our favorites is the Point Bridge State Park, which is about 40 miles north of Juneau. You’ll find so much to explore here, from mountains to woods to rivers.

Are there other places I can see Alaska mining camps?

Alaska has so much incredible history as a place for gold mining. There are plenty of places where you can come face to face with that history today, and even do your own mining! Chicken Gold Camp and Outpost is a really neat campground where you can spend the night and mine for gold! There’s even a cafe on site, and you can tour all the old mining areas.

Address: Palmer Creek Rd, Hope, AK 99605, USA