These 10 Gorgeous Lakes In Alaska Are Demanding Your Attention

Michigan may have the largest lake in the US, but Alaska has the most lakes of any state in the US. I’m talking over three million lakes and ponds across the entire state. Some of them are only reachable by air, while others are just off the asphalt or down a gravel road. The most beautiful lakes in Alaska are all over the state, and are honestly too many to mention.

Out of three million bodies of water, it is impossible to choose the top ten of them all-everyone has their own opinion! But here are ten really awesome, popular AND off the beaten trail lakes of Alaska that are beautiful beyond belief.

What do you think the most beautiful lakes in Alaska are?  Which ones are your favorite lakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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Most Beautiful Lakes In Alaska

July 09, 2020

Why are some of the lakes so blue in Alaska?

Glacial fed lakes are turquoise or bright blue-green in color because of the glaciers it sits at the base of. Silt is created as the ice from glaciers ground down rocks as it moves. This silt is very fine and light and sits suspended in the water. The sunlight reflects off of the silt and gives the lakes these gorgeous colors.

Why does Alaska have so many lakes?

Although Michigan proudly boasts “10,000 lakes,” Alaska is actually home to more than 3 million of them. Lakes in Alaska are primarily made from glaciers. Others were made from the snow and rain runoff from our gorgeous mountain tops. There are even a series of lakes on the North Slope that are rapidly growing, sometimes at a rate of 15 feet per year. There are thousands of these lakes that are created from “thaw slumping,” when the permafrost melts into a lake after a rapid warming period.