The Most Dangerous Job In The World Is Held Right Here In Alaska

If you were thinking that the title sounded a little fishy, you were right. The Alaska fishing industry has been called the most dangerous job in all of the world, time and time again. It’s definitely the most dangerous job in Alaska. Once you see what these guys (and gals) go through on a daily basis, the reason why it has been dubbed as being so brutally dangerous is really not that surprising at all. These brave and courageous workers are a vital part of Alaska’s economy yet they risk their lives to help source the most wild, natural, sustainable seafood in the world. This job is filled with some of the bravest people we know!

From rogue waves, huge swells, heavy equipment and slippery conditions – it is easy to understand why the fishing industry in Alaska is the most dangerous, deadly occupation in the entire world. Did you know that it was the most dangerous job in Alaska? Not to mention one of the dirtiest jobs in the world. Would you ever risk your life to bring home a good (like – really, really good) paycheck?

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Address: Alaska, USA
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Most Dangerous Job In Alaska

February 09, 2022

Is Alaska a dangerous place to live?

Alaska can be a very dangerous place to live. The state is the largest in the country, but with the least amount of people, with many places in the state remote. It’s easy to get lost in Alaska, especially if you’re out enjoying the backcountry. Wild animals, avalanches, rockfalls, and more can take out even the most experienced adventurer, so make sure to let people know where you’re going and when you’ll be back whenever you head out to explore.

How long is the fishing season in Alaska?

Peak season for salmon fishing in May through September, and King Crab fishing season is only 2-4 weeks long. It runs at some point from October through December.

Address: Alaska, USA