Everyone Needs To Visit Alaska’s Emerald Island At Least Once

Before you read any further, we need to warn you about something; Kodiak is easy to get addicted to. We say that you need to visit at least once, but this island is filled with everything under the (midnight) sun that makes your wild, adventurous, last-frontier-loving heart skip a beat. From world class fishing and hunting to breathtaking scenery and an immense amount of history, there is literally something for everyone to love on this island.

As the second largest island in the entire United States with a population of less than 15,000 people spread throughout roughly 3,595 square miles, Kodiak offers the perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway inside the 49th state, look no further. After reading this, we are sure that you’ll fall head over heels in love with this epic island paradise. (If you aren’t already.) “A place that lives only in your imagination, until you arrive!”

If the pictures didn’t quite hook you, we know that this video will light your heart on fire and make you want to Discover Kodiak, STAT!

Did you know that Alaska has around 2,670 named islands? If you love island hopping throughout the last frontier you’ve gotta check out this one little town that is truly Alaska’s best kept secret. Hint: it’s located on Baranof Island!

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