The Hidden Kincaid Beach In Alaska Will Make You Feel A Million Miles Away From It All

With the majority of the population in the last frontier living in Anchorage, it’s a pretty magical thing to have a convenient beach escape right within city limits. If you need to escape the traffic noise and the hustle and bustle of the rat race, you are always in luck with this stunning beach gem. This special spot is located within 15-20 minutes from just about everywhere in the city. It is convenient, easily accessible and it truly does offer something for everyone.

Break a sweat on the nearby trails, bring the kiddos to the beach, soak in a glorious sunset, enjoy epic photo opportunities overlooking a plethora of mountains or fuel your need for a good adrenaline rush at the sand dunes. There is no way that you won’t fall in love with Kincaid Beach.

Are you a total outdoor junkie who loves experiencing natural wonders, even on a weekday? If so, let’s just say that you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced this one incredible state park in Alaska. Hint: It is conveniently located to Alaska’s largest city of Anchorage, just like Kincaid Beach!