Everyone In Alaska Must Visit This Epic Natural Spring As Soon As Possible

This Alaskan natural spring is often referred to as the Mile 109 Mountain Spring, and it’s a very popular stop along the Seward Highway, especially for folks on their way to go hiking, skiing, or climbing in the area. The natural spring water is ice cold and tastes as fresh as bottled water but without all the harm to the environment. Other than the pipe, which was installed by DOT years ago, there is nothing here but fresh, free, mountain spring water.

Visiting the pipe for a sip of water is truly an Alaskan experience. Don’t be surprised if there are others waiting at the pipe with empty bottles or even 5 gallons jugs…this mountain spring is a very popular watering hole. The water flows at various speeds throughout the year from a steady trickle to a full blast. Either way, the water will be ice cold and delicious!

Have you stopped at the Mile 109 Mountain Spring? Know of any other natural springs in Alaska? Share in the comments below!