There’s A Tiny Town In Alabama Completely Surrounded By Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel far to experience natural scenic beauty. From beautiful beaches and gorgeous lakes, to magnificent waterfalls and majestic mountains, there’s no shortage of natural scenic beauty here in Alabama. The one tiny town in Alabama where you’ll be surrounded by the most beautiful scenery is the little known town of Delta. It’s a definite must visit!

Have you ever visited the tiny town of Delta and experienced Alabama’s highest natural point? If so, share your thoughts with us! For more Alabama towns that are surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, check out our previous article: These 10 Towns In Alabama Have The Most Breathtaking Scenery In The State.

To experience Delta’s most breathtaking natural beauty, you’ll want to visit Cheaha State Park, which is located at 19644 Highway 281, Delta, Alabama 36258.