The Story Behind This Haunted Bridge In Alabama Is Truly Creepy

There are many bridges located throughout Alabama, and several are considered to be haunted. One of these bridges in particular is located in Oxford and is best known as Hell’s Gate Bridge, the most haunted bridge in Alabama. Read below to find out the story behind this haunted bridge.

The Hell’s Gate Bridge legend is quite famous in Oxford, Alabama. The bridge acquired its name because of the most popular event to ever take place on it. As the story goes, sometime during the 1950s, a young couple’s car drove off the bridge and into the water below. Supposedly, if you stop on the bridge and turn off your lights, a member of the couple will enter your vehicle and leave a wet spot on the seat.

This haunted bridge in Alabama, Hell’s Gate Bridge, earned its name because many people believe that when you stop on the bridge and glance over your shoulder, the road behind you resembles the fiery gates of Hell. Several locals have experienced this over the years.

Due to safety concerns, local officials are using cement blocks to block off Hell’s Gate Bridge so people can’t drive across it. This haunted bridge still receives visitors on foot, but because the bridge is old and falling apart, walking across it isn’t recommended.

So, whether or not the story behind Hell’s Gate Bridge is true, many Oxford locals have had first-hand experiences while visiting it. In 2007, the Oxford Paranormal Society held an investigation and found no evidence of paranormal activity. With that being said, what about the locals who claimed they had several ghostly encounters at the most haunted bridge in Alabama? Was what they experienced “true,” or was it a figment of their imagination? We’d love to hear your thoughts about Hell’s Gate Bridge in the comments below.

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Address: Hells Gate Bridge, Oxford, AL 36203, USA

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urban legends in alabama

August 24, 2022

What are three urban legends in Alabama that are sure to keep you awake a night?

Do you believe in urban legends? Did you know there are several urban legends right here in Alabama? Listed below are three of the most popular urban legends in Alabama. Which ones do you believe are true?

1. Dead Children’s Playground

Dead Children’s Playground in Huntsville is one of Alabama’s most haunted places. It’s tucked away in Maple Hill Cemetery and is said to boast lots of paranormal activity. According to local legend, the spirits of the buried children come out to play late at night. Several people who have visited this haunted playground have reported a variety of strange occurrences, including swings moving on their own and the laughter of children as they’re playing.

2. Huggin’ Molly

In the town of Abbeville, there’s supposedly a 7-foot-tall woman dressed in black who roams the streets at night and gives people a big hug. She’s also been known to scream into people’s ears. This urban legend is so popular that there’s even a restaurant named in her honor, which happens to be called Huggin’ Molly’s.

3. Aunt Jenny Johnston

Aunt Jenny Johnston is “THE” ultimate legend of North Alabama’s Bankhead National Forest. According to legend, during the Civil War, Jenny’s husband was hung by a Home Guard, and her oldest son was shot. After this happened, she promised her other sons she’d find and kill the Home Guard members that killed her husband and oldest son. According to several people, if you try trespassing onto Jenny Johnston’s property, her spirit will tell you to go away.

In addition to Hell’s Gate Bridge, what’s another haunted bridge in Alabama?

There are many haunted bridges in Alabama. A popular one is Cry Baby Bridge. Many towns throughout the state have their own Cry Baby Bridge. However, one of the most popular Cry Baby Bridges is the one that’s located in Saraland. At this bridge, it’s believed a woman drowned her baby. After escaping a nearby plantation, she was chased by soldiers. To keep them from hearing her baby cry, she placed his/her face into the water below the bridge. Many people who have visited this haunted bridge in Alabama have reported the cries of a baby.

Address: Hells Gate Bridge, Oxford, AL 36203, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.