The Story Behind This Haunted Bridge In Alabama Is Truly Creepy

There are many bridges located throughout Alabama, and several are considered to be haunted. One of these haunted bridges in particular is located in Oxford, Alabama and is best known as Hell’s Gate Bridge. Read below to find out the story behind this haunted bridge.

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Hell’s Gate Bridge is a local legend in Oxford, Alabama, and it acquired its name because of the most popular event to ever take place on the bridge. As the story goes, sometime during the 1950s, a young couple’s car drove off the bridge and into the water below. Supposedly, if you stop on the bridge and turn off your lights, a member of the couple will enter your vehicle and leave a wet spot on the seat.

Hell’s Gate Bridge earned its name because many people believe that when you stop on the bridge and glance over your shoulder, the road behind you resembles the fiery gates of Hell. Several locals have experienced this over the years.

Due to safety concerns, local officials are using cement blocks to block off Hell’s Gate Bridge so people will refrain from driving across it. This haunted bridge still receives visitors on foot, but because the bridge is old and falling apart, walking across it isn’t recommended.

So, whether or not the story behind Hell’s Gate Bridge is true, many Oxford locals have had first-hand experiences while visiting it. In 2007, the Oxford Paranormal Society held an investigation and found no evidence of paranormal activity. With that being said, what about the locals who claimed they had several ghostly encounters at this bridge? Was what they experienced “true,” or was it a figment of their imagination? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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YouTube Video Credit: Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio