This Gas Station Restaurant In Alabama Will Make Your Mouth Water

Usually, the best restaurants are those hidden from plain sight. Alabama is home to many hidden restaurants, including the one and only Blue Pacific—a popular gas station restaurant that serves delicious Thai cuisine.

If you’re still not convinced that Blue Pacific is a must visit, take a look at the Yelp reviews below that were left by three very satisfied customers.

“Wow! Is this for real? Yes. Yes, it is.” Elle E J.

“Amazingly fresh! The Thai flavors are not overshadowed. We have been faithful since its opening.” Kimberly B.

“I wish I could give this place 10 stars. This Thai place is awesome! I think the funniest thing about it is being able to tell people I’m going to the Thai gas station.” Henry M.

Have you ever eaten at Blue Pacific? If not, would you ever consider eating Thai cuisine at a gas station? Share your thoughts with us! For an amazing restaurant in Alabama that’s located inside of a former gas station, click here.