We most certainly have our fair share of haunted places in Alabama. From houses and restaurants to cemeteries and battle sites, you never really know where you’ll have a paranormal experience while exploring the Yellowhammer State. We also have our fair share of beautiful cemeteries in Alabama. And when it comes to haunted places in Alabama and beautiful cemeteries in Alabama, Old Live Oak Cemetery definitely deserves a mention. Although this cemetery is believed to be haunted, it’s also quite beautiful. To learn all about this haunted yet beautiful Alabama cemetery, including why it’s worth a visit, take a look below.

Have you ever strolled the grounds of Alabama’s Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma? If so, did you witness any paranormal activity? Know of any other beautiful cemeteries in Alabama? What about haunted places in Alabama? Let us know!

While in Selma, consider visiting the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It’s among the bridges in Alabama that everyone should visit at least once. Can’t make it to Selma and back home in one day? Check out Booking.com, where you’ll find accommodations of all kinds.

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Old Live Oak Cemetery

What are the most haunted places in Alabama?

Old Live Oak Cemetery isn’t the only place in Alabama with a spooky reputation. There are several haunted places in Alabama, including:

  • Sloss Furnaces: Located in Birmingham, Sloss Furnaces is an old iron foundry with a history of accidents and deaths during its operation. Over the years, people have reported seeing apparitions and hearing strange sounds within its dark and decaying buildings.
  • Drish House: Situated in Tuscaloosa, this historic mansion is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Sarah Drish, who resided in the home in the 19th century. Today, reports of paranormal activity, including apparitions and unexplained noises, plague the property.
  • James Hotel: Located in Selma, the St. James Hotel is known just as much for its ghostly tales as its rich history. Guests have reported encounters with apparitions and paranormal experiences, particularly in rooms 214 and 314.


What are the most beautiful cemeteries in Alabama?

Aside from Old Live Oak Cemetery, there are several beautiful cemeteries in Alabama, including:

  • Oakwood Cemetery: Nestled in Montgomery, this burial ground is one of the oldest cemeteries in Alabama. It is known for its picturesque setting with rolling hills dotted with trees and intricate headstones. It's the final resting place for many notable figures from Alabama's history.
  • Glenwood Cemetery: Located in Birmingham, Glenwood Cemetery is an elegant Victorian-era cemetery located. Its grounds boast ornate grave markers, sculptures, and lush landscaping. It's also the final resting place of prominent historical figures.
  • Magnolia Cemetery: Located in Mobile, Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile is known for its beautiful mausoleums, historic tombs, and the iconic "Crying Angel" statue. It overlooks the Mobile Bay and is a serene and reflective place to visit.


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