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You Will Fall In LOVE With These 16 Beautiful Old Barns In South Carolina

They dot the countryside and sometimes the edges of towns. Some of them stand with fortitude; refusing to bend to the weight of time and others gave up a long time ago. But, it doesn’t matter if they still stand strong or if they have started to perish, they are all beautiful in their own way. As a young girl and even now as an adult, there has never been a time that I could pass a barn standing in the middle of a field and not want to stop. They looked so strong, so stoic, and yet so lonely. Looking at them in pictures brings back such wonderful memories for me and I hope it does for you too!

Doesn’t just looking at them take you back? I know it does me, but I am huge on nostalgia and I love to remember my childhood and times with my mom. If you have any photographs of barns, please post them in the comment section below. I would love to see them!

I also want to take a moment and thank the photographers who gave me permission to use their photography pages: Crystal Hicks/Strange Tea Party, Delk Haigler Photography, and Melissa Roberts Photography. I sincerely thank you.

Gwen Tennille
Gwen is an author, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, mother, wife, and part-time super hero. She loves to tackle her dreams head on and takes life by storm. Coffee is her best friend and a good book cannot be beat! When does she have the time, you ask? you really need that much sleep?