A Relaxing Float Down Uwharrie River Is The Perfect Way To Spend A Summer Day In North Carolina

If you have yet to visit North Carolina’s Uwharrie River, you are in for a treat.

One of the favorite activities on the Uwharrie is canoeing and kayaking. The speed of the flow can vary between high- and low-water seasons, but when you time it just right, the float down the river can be a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a day in one of the most beautiful areas of the state.

These photos, taken by Seth Myers during his kayaking trips down the Uwharrie River, show off some of the finest features of this amazing river in the heart of North Carolina.

It’s hard to deny that the lush green forest surrounding the Uwharrie River is anything less than spectacular. While there can be some small rapids on high water days, a well-timed trip to the Uwharrie can be a wonderful, relaxing activity.

Thank you to Seth Myers for contributing these lovely photos of your kayaking adventures!