This Trip Through An Old Gold Mine In North Carolina Will Take You Back In Time

On a Sunday morning, in 1799 in present day Midland, twelve-year-old Conrad Reed, son of John Reed, decided to go fishing in Meadow Creek with his siblings instead of attend church. Little did the Reeds know, this small decision would soon alter their life’s forever. While fishing, Conrad noticed something yellow shining in the water. He waded towards the object, and picking it up, believed it to be some kind of metal. When he returned home, unknowing of his monumental discovery, he showed it to his father. John, also unsure of what the item could be, decided to use it as a doorstop and life continued as usual.

North Carolina has plenty of history, and Reed’s Gold Mine is just one of those many fascinating historical events that have made North Carolina such a unique and amazing state. Have you visited the mine for yourself?

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