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There’s An Adventure Park Hiding In Nevada And You Need To Visit

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you yearn for outdoor adventures? If so, Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Zipline Tour in Boulder City is for you. This 4-hour, 1.5-mile eco-friendly zipline adventure just outside of Las Vegas will let you soar like an eagle and enjoy impressive views of Las Vegas, the Eldorado Valley, and Lake Mead as you feel the wind rushing through your hair while zipping along cables at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Sound like fun?

For a fun-filled, thrilling, Only-in-Nevada outing, the Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Zipline Tour is a must do. Have you experienced this adventure? Please share your comments and experiences below.

Natalie Faulk
Natalie Faulk is a freelance writer, poet, blogger, educator, and the author of several books including a number of poetry collections and her most recent The Downfall of American Corrections (which are all available on Amazon). She is also a regular contributor to Football Nation and BlogMutt. In her spare time (which is ample thanks to her chronic insomnia), Natalie enjoys poker, movies, and cooking.