10 Rustic Spots In Maine That Are Extraordinary For Camping

Summer’s on its way out and fall is slowly, but surely creeping in. We can feel it in the morning and then again when the sun is going down. But, that doesn’t mean our days of being outside are coming to a close. Nope! Fall ushers in an entirely new variety of ways to enjoy Maine. While summer camping is great, this shoulder season is arguably even better. The crowds are thinning out and the leaves are beginning to change. The cooler temps also mean cozy campfires! So, rather than hunkering down inside, head back out for some fall camping. These rustic spots are some good options, but keep exploring and finding your own. Then, once you do, let us know where they are!

Now that we’ve got you thinking about fall, this is a good time to cram in some of those last minute things you can truly only do during the summer in Maine. Our first choice? Lobster rolls! Check out this article on some of the best places to snag a lobster roll in Maine before it’s too late and you have to wait until next year!