The Maine Beach That’s Unlike Any Other In The World

When it comes to beaches, few states offer the same beauty that comes with a trip to Maine. With more miles of craggy coast than all of California, there are no shortage of areas from which to enjoy the (mostly frigid!) Atlantic waters. While you can explore the well-known beach areas easily, the best beach experiences come when doing a little bit of exploring. For something special, head to this “island” where campsites and beautiful sunsets go hand-in-hand. It just might be the most unique beach in Maine!

To learn more about Hermit Island Campground, check them out online or visit them on Facebook. Can can all them on (207) 443-2101. You’ll need to make a reservation to stay overnight. Reservations can be made to camp between June 22 to Labor Day. Sites range from about $70 for a weekend oceanfront spot to about $42 for weekday spot. You can also visit during the off-season which runs from mid-May to mid-June, after Labor Day, excluding Memorial Day weekend. This time period is a good value at $40 per night.

Another of our favorite secret beaches in Maine can be found in Acadia. Learn more about it (including how to find it!) here.