This Natural Wonders Road Trip Will Show You Georgia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Georgia has quite a few miraculous natural wonders peppered throughout this glorious state. There are so many beautiful stops and destinations, we decided to create an epic natural wonders road trip that will show you Georgia like you’ve never seen before. Take a weekend with the family, or create a romantic road trip with your partner, and see everything this state has to offer all in one shot.

This breathtaking road trip is less than 800 miles and clocks in at just above 14 hours of travel time. That means if you stop and play for a few hours at each destination, you’ll have an AWESOME weekend road trip (or three-day weekend) covering some serious Georgia ground. We’ve got the Google map for you right here, if you’re ready for it. Otherwise, have a look at the comprehensive guide for your next BIG adventure:

Talk about a magical road trip through Georgia. Remember, you don’t have to start and stop exactly where the map begins and ends. Since it’s primarily a circular route, you and start and stop wherever is easiest for you!

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