Most People Don’t Know There’s A Hole In The Continental Divide Right Here In Wyoming

When you think of the Continental Divide in WY, you probably picture majestic mountains, massive and solid, mightily drawing a dividing line through North America. That’s why it may be surprising to learn that there’s a hole in that colossal mountain range, and that it’s right here in Wyoming. The hole is known as the Great Divide Basin, and it’s located in a high desert region of the mountains which, it turns out, is the perfect place for such an anomaly.

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Address: Great Divide Basin, Wyoming, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

continental divide in WY

July 29, 2022

 How many state parks are in Wyoming?

There are 12 state parks in Wyoming, all great for exploring. Buffalo Bill State Park is located in Cody. At this 11,000-acre park, you can explore the reservoir and dam, both named after William “Buffalo Bill” Frederick Cody, known for many things, but most especially for his expertise in killing buffalo in the 1860s. There’s hiking, biking, swimming, boating and even camping available here. And the visitor’s center is also a must stop for history buffs.

What are the best waterparks in Wyoming?

There aren’t many waterparks in Wyoming. Among them, Star Plunge is a must visit. Located in Thermopolis in Hot Springs State Park, here you’ll find water slides, both an indoor and outdoor pool, a waterfall, hot tubs, and lots more. Although there are only three water slides here, Super Star 500 is actually one of the largest water slides on the planet. And while there are only two pools here, both are hot mineral pools. And make sure you check out Vapor Cave.

What is the weather like in Wyoming in the summer?

 Unlike many states, while Wyoming experiences temperatures in the 80s and 90s in the summer, what they don’t experience is humidity, with the average in the summer staying in the 25–30 percent range. And the higher you go, the more temperatures drop. Some mountainous areas only see a high of about 70 in July, the state’s hottest month. But no matter where you are, there are plenty of places to swim in Wyoming when it gets too hot.

Address: Great Divide Basin, Wyoming, USA