The One Epic Slide In Wisconsin You Need To Ride This Winter

There can be a whole lot of negatives about winter in Wisconsin, but one of the best things about all the snow is how much it invites you to act like a kid again.

Tucked just west of Milwaukee in Lowell Park, there’s an old-school toboggan run that’s just waiting to help you have an incredibly fun day. Passes are just $9 for the day if you have your own toboggan or $10 an hour to rent one.

Though anyone can buy a plastic sled or tube and hit any local snow-covered hill, Tobogganing is not only nostalgic, but rather rare. There’s something about climbing those steps and cozying up with your friends on that narrow run that make it well worth the affordable cost to try it. And if you go during Waukesha Janboree (January 20-22), you can toboggan for free!

There are other hills in the park for regular sledding, so mix up your visit with a few climbs up the toboggan run before hitting the other slopes.

Hours vary with the holidays and snow fall, so make sure you check in with the Waukesha Parks Department before trekking out there. All the toboggan run information can be found here.

Have you been here? What about any other truly epic winter slides in the state? Make sure you share them with us in the comments!