The Incredible Wisconsin Restaurant That’s Way Out In The Boonies But So Worth The Drive

Somewhere between Janesville and Fort Atkinson, perched on the shores of Lake Koshkonong, sits The Buckhorn Supper Club. There are a myriad of wonderful, unique and delicious supper clubs in Wisconsin, but The Buckhorn seems to embody the idea of the Wisconsin Supper Club to a T. Off the beaten path, a bit out of the way and on a lake with a name no one but the locals can pronounce correctly, The Buckhorn has been serving up a fish fry, prime rib, and duck specials for more than 85 years.

But what really makes this place stand above the rest are the lobster boils they hold in the warmer months out on their beautiful lawn. An open flame, panoramic views, the sunset and some great drinks all while you wait for a succulent, spectacular meal — what better reasons could there be to head out for a drive?

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