The Little Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant That Serves The Best Pizza In Wisconsin

There’s an absolute ton of amazing pizza to be had in Wisconsin. Heck, we’ve even made an extensive list about it. We’ve got Wisconsin-style pizza, square-cut pizza and even pizza served fresh on the farm. But one place in southeastern Wisconsin has some of the best pizza you’ve probably never heard of. In business for nearly a century and in their third generation of family ownership, Well Brothers Pizza in Racine is a total hidden gem. The restaurant is unassuming and the presentation is simple, but all that does is allow their stellar pizza to shine.

Wells Brothers Pizza is located at 2148 Mead St, Racine, 53403.

Have you eaten at Wells Brothers? Do you agree with their designation as one of the very best?

Where else do you love to go in Wisconsin for great pizza in the least expected spots? Let us know in the comments.