Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Wisconsin’s Best Antique Stores

There are some truly awesome antique shops here in Wisconsin. Combine a shopping trip with a fall leaf-peeping tour and you’ve got a perfect Wisconsin weekend. We’ve compiled a short itinerary that can be completed in just a couple of days and will take you to some of the very best places in the Dairy State.

You can check out the interactive map and adjust as needed here.

Google Maps only allows for 10 stops, so a few of the mentioned places aren’t explicitly on the map. For example, there are two stops in the Appleton area and three in the Madison area, but we’ve only put one stop in each city on the map to keep it a bit easier to read.

Do you think you’ll be taking this antique shopping trip? Are there any other can’t-miss stops near this route? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!