You’ll Find Hundreds Of Treasures At This 3-Story Antique Shop In Wisconsin

Working your way through a good antique store is like heading out on a treasure hunt. The more active imaginations among us might fancy themselves an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft as they sift through room upon room of old and forgotten pieces looking for new life. A great antique store isn’t just chock full of pricey items that could turn a profit on eBay, but instead has a wide variety of items for a myriad of price ranges. In small Westby, a town in the Kickapoo Valley region in the southwest corner of the state, about 30 miles southeast of LaCrosse, you’ll find an antique store so perfect you’ll want to play a full day for sorting through it. Treasures on Main is a three-story compendium of all kinds of antiques you will have a blast exploring.

Treasures on Main is located at 117 S Main St., Westby, WI 54667. For more information about this or their LaCrosse location, check out their website or check out their Facebook page to see all the treasures!

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