Race A Go-Kart Through A Half-Mile Landscaped Course At Sugar River Raceway In Wisconsin

If you like to live life in the fast lane, a visit to Sugar River Raceway (SRR) won’t disappoint! It’s an actual raceway, not an amusement park, and SRR has real racing go-karts that top out at 50 MPH! What’s more, the raceway’s half-mile course is designed and built specifically for go-karting, so a thrilling ride is practically guaranteed.

Remember, Rent to Race sessions are held on select days, so make sure to call prior to your visit. For more information, call Sugar River Raceway at (608) 897-2898. You can also visit the Sugar River Raceway website or Facebook page.

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Address: N2236 Mt Hope Rd, Brodhead, WI 53520, USA