The Story Behind This Haunted Opera House In Wisconsin Is Truly Creepy

One of the most stunningly beautiful buildings in all of Wisconsin is located in Oshkosh. It’s the Grand Opera House. This opera house was built way back in 1883, and its performances have been delighting people ever since. The building did undergo a large restoration back in 2009. But just because it has been restored, it doesn’t mean that it has wiped out its history. You see, this opera house has phantoms. In fact, it is haunted by one phantom in particular. Many people think that it is haunted by former stage manager, Percy Keene. Keene was the stage manager here for many years. He has been seen numerous times around the balcony. In addition to Keene, a phantom dog has been spotted. It appeared to be so real that actors on stage were ordered to remove the dog. The actors, however, reported that there was no dog on stage. Another scary thing about this opera house is that random orange mist will appear on stage. This is not a prop or anything. Finally, numerous attendees and actors have reported hearing phantom footsteps throughout the building. This come at all times of the day, and most of the time, there is no one there. But these ghosts have not kept concert-goers away. In fact, this just seems to add to the appeal. People come for a world-class show, but they also secretly hope that phantom will reveal himself.

It’s always a good night at the opera. Check them out at 100 High Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901.

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