Some Of The Oldest Rock Art In America Is Right Here In Wisconsin And It’s Truly Awe-Inspiring

Roche A Cri State Park is an awesome and unique spot located about 30 miles north of the Wisconsin Dells and 40 miles west of Tomah. The name means crevice in the rock in French. The dominant piece of the park is a 300-foot sandstone outcropping that managed to escape the last Ice Age. For years, it poked through the top of glacial Lake Wisconsin, but in the present day, it’s a large landmark jutting out of the otherwise flat landscape of central Wisconsin. The sandstone is Cambrian, meaning it dates back hundreds of millions of years.

The rock formation would be fascinating on its own, but this particular piece of strange prehistoric rock is also the only spot in Wisconsin with accessible rock art. The base of the large bluff contains ancient petroglyphs and pictographs The carvings date back to before A.D. 900, while the pictographs are about 500 years old.

Roche A Cri State Park is located at 1767 State Hwy. 13, Friendship, WI 53934.

Did you know Wisconsin is home to a number of ancient Native American burial mounds? Man Mound in Baraboo dates back to 750-1200 AD and is the only surviving anthropomorphic effigy mound that remains in North America.