Wisconsin is home to scores of all sorts of ancient rock art and effigy mounds, and they can be found all over the state. With regard to the latter, there are mounds in the shapes of cones, birds, and various woodland creatures, but one enormous mound is unlike any of the others. It’s as huge as it is mysterious, and when seen from above, it’s simply amazing. Here’s what you need to know about Man Mound, an effigy in Wisconsin that baffles archaeologists to this day.

Man Mound County Park is a nice attraction to pair with a visit to nearby Wisconsin Dells or Devil’s Lake State Park. There’s no admission to visit the park and the park has a bathroom, a merry-go-round, picnic tables, and benches. Learn more about the park on the Sauk County website. Wisconsin has some incredible mounds that can be experienced on a hike – here’s another place you won’t forget.

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